3D Hollow Black Catsuit


The world's sexiest catsuit. As opposed to solid black this one uses a series of holes. because nothing is sexier than showing off skin while still being covered Catwoman wishes she looked this good.

Product Description:

Made for fetish clubs, or those goth clubs with an open mind of which you wear them to, or for evenings in with your love. This Black catsuit sets itself apart from all the rest by incorporating a mesh-like hole effect into it. This is one piece of clothing that is perfect for any fetish goth.

One of the hidden secrets about being sexy is that it is mainly about how stable a piece of clothing looks. The more it looks like it might fall off of you at any moment, the more sexy something is.

This catsuit, with all of its holes, ticks those criterias. However, the tight fitting material that it is made out of keeps this catsuit clinging to your body, complementing your curves in just the right way. Additionally, if you have tattoos, this is also a great way to show them off in the club.

At the front is a zip, done in black to match the rest of the material of this hollow black catsuit. This allows for easy exit, and entrance. From you. Or from someone you are with.

The semi-transparent nature of this catsuit ensures that you are looking you uttermost best. And there is something that feels almost super-heroic about putting on a catsuit. With one of these on, not only do you feel sexy, but you feel confident. Ready to take on anything that life, the night, or anyone throws at you.

Once you purchase this, you will find excuses time and time again to go out into the world wearing it.

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