Black and Grey Gradient Long Steampunk Skirt


For swaying along, on deck or on land, in sea-faring joy. This extra long, black and gray gradient skirt is a perfect accessory to any steampunk, or even gothic, outfit.

Product Description:

The nights can be boring on most lands. Looking over the horizon, and dreaming of sailing the seas. This steampunk style long skirt is the perfect solution to sea lust, as it allows you to bring the steam punk style to land. Wear it along site a corset for the ultimate steam punk look, or just simply use it as an additional skirt option for many other gothic style. It matches particularly well with pagan goth and hippie goth styles.

Made by the Rogue Finery company, this extra long skirt flows like a delicate ocean. With plenty of bustles, this is a great skirt to dance to ditty’s in. In fact, it might be impossible to wear this skirt without getting into the dancing mood.

The fading to gray ombre gradient effect makes the bottom of the skirt look like the seas crashing into each other. Perfect for when you are line-dancing, sway-dancing or finding any other way to have fun while on land. The ruffles at the bottom of the skirt have been layered, providing brunching all around the thigh area. This little style trick makes this a skirt that would not be out of place on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean, or any other sea-faring movie.

Of course, without the cool breeze of the sea on you, you want an item of clothing that is completely breathable. This long skirt has been made out of a combination of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. With the light weight used towards the bottom of the steampunk skirt, this creates one breezy piece of fabric, with the top part having enough stretch to flatter your form.

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