Black and Red Leather Overbust Corset With Collar – Steel Boned


Bright red. Deep black. And sexy.

Steel boned, to help it and you keep shape. Made out of leather, with a 100% cotton liner, this corset feels amazing to wear and looks amazing. You will find a reason to wear it, time and time again.

Product Description:

Red and black corsets are common on the floors of many different goth clubs and events, but this is one that will set you out from the crowd. In all the right ways.

Unlike many other corsets, this one features a collar. As well as enhancing your neckline, and cleavage, the collar makes this overbust red and black corset insist on making a statement.

As with all high quality corsets, this one features steel bones and a metal casked busk enclosure. This bask enclosure, the clasps on the front, makes it easy to get out of the corset. Just loosen the back, and undo the clasps to get out. If you are looking for your first corset, this is a great choice for you. The steel boned also give the corset it’s shape, as well as help you to train your body to have the perfect hourglass figure.

The leather materials also sets this corset out far apart from the parade of PVC and Latex corsets that you might see at normal goth gatherings. However, if you don’t like the feel of leather across your skin, don’t worry, because this corset also features a 100% cotton liner, so make sure that it’s comfortable as hell, as well as sexy.

The black wasn’t just put on as an after thought, and is incorporated very well into the corset, with as well as the black collar, with a black line across the top and the bottom of the corset, giving the corset shape away from the steel bones.

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