Black Floral Patterned Women’s Coat


With an ornate floral pattern, blending subtly into the pure blacks of this coat, and a corset style lacing on the back, this is one amazing coat to wear all throughout the winter months.

Product Description:

When most people think of goth, they don’t realize how elegant it can actually be. They are stuck in the world of spikes, chains, bondage style PVC and latex. However, this particular coat from the Pretty Attitude company proves them all wrong. It’s stylish, sexy, and completely gothic without being completely out there.

One element of subtle gothic styling in this patterned woman’s coat comes from the corset style lacing at the back. This binding is not just put on for aesthetic purposes though. This style of lacing allows you to ensure that you get the best fit possible while wearing this coat.

Additional styling comes from the buttons. The front of the boat features a button in enclosure, with a row of five vertical buttons providing the bindings. However, arching out from a vertical line from each of these five buttons are a horizontal row of six buttons.

And we haven’t even talked about the brocade pattern yet.

The lovely floral arrangement is bold, and clearly separates this out from plain black coats. The pattern is just subtle enough to be suitable for every day wear, but also bold enough to show that you are wearing something a little different from the norm. This, alongside the tailored fit, creates a coat that you will find reason after reason to wear. Sun is out? Nah, still a reason to wear this piece of amazing.

Another additional thing that makes this coat unique when compared to many other coats is pockets. Yes, real pockets. Finally, pockets are allowed in woman’s fashion. This coat features two side pockets.

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