Black Gothic Corset with Double Belt Buckles


With twelve steel bones, this is a professionally made, full quality corset. However, where things start becoming awesome is the extra cool detail with the belt buckles, claps and Brocade fastenings on the front. All of these elements create a great over bust corset.

Product Description:

From the Charmian company, a name that is quickly becoming synonymous with high quality, yet well-priced corsets, this corset is bursting with details.

It all starts out at the front of the corset. At the very top of the corset is a hook and loop style clasp, before going down to Brocade style clasps and, the killer feature, two belt buckles. These belt buckles, an unusual site on a corset, create a mesmerising, amazing effect. The merging of something that is usually only seen on trousers creates an absolutely sublime effect.

The corset uses a floral like fabric. This fabric will shine underneath the lights if you happen to wear this to a club, giving you a great effect that wouldn’t be pulled off with the other standard, plain black corsets that you can see on other gothic shops.

The back of the corset, of course, features the typical corset lacing, with plenty of spare cord allowing you to practice your corset bows and tighten up the corset just the way you want it. One problem many first time wearers of corsets have is with the brunching up of the skin at the back. This black gothic corset includes a discrete modesty panel, meaning that you can cover up this area until your skin gets used to the effects of a corset on you.

And of course, this corset will have an effect on you. It is a fully steel boned corset; no cheap plastic bones are used here. This means that it will be tight on your body, and will keep its and yours shape. Just the way a corset should be.

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