Black Gothic Creeper Boots with Three Belt Buckles


Small yet mighty. These creeper boots, from T.U.K. are a delightful, yet impactful, pair of boots. Perfect for a small bit of additional goth flare at the office, or for a mighty trip to gothic events. These boots show that you don't need to have a tall shaft to be powerful.

Product Description:

Whenever people think of Gothic boots, their attention tends to turn to those mammoths. The ones with ridiculously high shafts, with metal covering every inch. The kind of boot that, in an emergency situation, could easily be used to club a bear with. Sometimes, you just want to wear boots that are breathable light-weight and practical.

Wearing these kinds of shoes can be really uncomfortable though. Especially in the summer months, when the long shaft is just likely to irritate your shins than everything else. Plus, not everyone likes the feeling of a massive shaft always being able to be felt by their shins.

These Creeper Boots from T.U.K. are the solution. A pair of ankle high boots, with all of the typical goth stylings and none of the comfort. Small. And impactful.

The 1.5 heel gives just the right amount of lift. A particularly tiny, yet nice, detail with this heel is the ridges used on the sole. These kinds of slight gothic touches are everywhere with this shoe.

Another great little aspect are the three belt buckles. These transform the shoes from looking like any little old pair of shoes to something that would not be out of place at Wave Goth Treffen itself (cause after all, day three of the festival? Most people have given up and have started wearing trainers).

And then, there is the detailed stitching lines on the upper toe part of these boots, giving extra, spacious dimension to these mighty creeper boots. Wearing these mini-boots will not make you feel small, but instead mighty.

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