Black Gothic Lolita Blommers – Pumpkin Style with Lace Bottoms


For the Gothic Lolita in you. These bloomer shorts are handmade out of cotton and feature loads of cute details, including velvet bows and lace effect bottoms.

Product Description:

This is one for all of those Gothic Lioltas out there, or those who want to try the style for a bit. These are a perfect set of shorts as a starter to your first Gothic Lolita outfit, or a perfect addition to your Gothic Lolita tool kit.

These gothic bloomers are done in a puffy pumpkin fashion, whereby the ends of the legs intentionally puff out, giving you that defining Kawai look.

Part of the Gothic Lolita fashion style is all about the small details, and this pair of bloomer shorts has plenty of them There is a lovely dual bow pattern on the waist band, with the bows themselves being made out of high quality satin.

At the bottom of each leg is an additional velvet bow, giving a sense of symmetry and completeness to these lovely little satin accessories.

However, the killer feature is very likely the lace effect at the leg holes. With a wonderful lace pattern, using a mixture of flowers and ivy leaves, this is a perfect top off to the end of these shorts. Just like the side of the shorts, these have been intentionally made to puff out, giving you the classic Gothic Lolita look.

These shorts have been made with care. Completely hand made, and made out of 100% cotton, these shorts are long lasting, will not lose their shape, and as comfortable as hell to wear them.

In fact, they are so comfortable they aren’t only suitable for evenings out or dressing up in. These Gothic Lolita bloomers also make a great piece of comfortable lounge wear, for lazy Sundays in the house.

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