Black Gothic Sport Utility Kilt – With Leather Straps


The trend of utility kilts has been a great book for Gothic fashion, and this is one of the best ones on the market. Made from cotton, with two large side pockets and one back, this is a great kilt for every day wear and the club.

Product Description:

A newer trend in America, and indeed many other countries, for men is that of the utility kilt. These are primary made for hikers, wanders, and other general woodland types of humans. They come in a variety of colours, including camo. Of course, the best option for a person interested in the Gothic look is black.

This particular guiltily kilt is good for both goth events and any single other occasion where you are comfortable wearing a kilt. This kilt does feature an apron front, so if you are scared of showing “too much of your self” you don’t have to worry.

The Gothic stylings that make this a great accessory are very subtle, or to use a potentially bad word ‘normal’. The front features a row of bronze buttons, which are perfectly aligned with the front apron to make an impactful, almost military cress style effect. On the sides are also two bronze belt buckles with bronze eyelets, giving the kilt an almost steam punk style effect.

One small problem with some kilts is if you are the kind of man whose waists fluctuates, it can be difficult to have a kilt that will keep with you though changing waist sizes. Thankfully, this kilt also features belt loops. This is also perfect for adding a Sporran if you are so inclined.

Of course, one of the best things about utility kilts, especially for people who may not be used to wearing them, is how breathable they are. This makes even black ones perfect for summer. This kilt is made out of a 100% cotton drill, which has also been formulated to be breathable, lightweight, and durable. This means that a purchase of this kilt gives you something for goth events and every day events, that lasts.

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