Black Long Gothic Mens Trench Coat Leather


Need a leather coat with a killer feature? This trench coat as an amazing and imposing sense of style that gives you the appearance of being as sharp as you are on the inside. With loving details etched into every fiber of this coat, you will be the king of the club in this.

Product Description:

Leather jackets and trench coats don’t have to look, or be, heavy. This breathable, slim fit leather jacket is everything you could desire in a long leather coat, and is something that you can wear in all weathers (other than maybe, when the sun is willing to cook anyone wearing all black).

The most striking feature of this jacket is the cut out at the front. One large problem with many long coats is that it is next to impossible to show all elements of your outfit, such as what ever you have decided to add to your bottom half. With this leather gothic trench coat, there is an amazing, shapeful jacket that gives of a feeling of both being weathered and lovingly cared for. Studs and lining give this feature an amazing frame, ensuring that everyone will notice, just the way you want them too.

This studding detail also extends upwards towards the collars, and to the edges of the sleeves on this jacket, showing just how much care and attention went to making sure that every part of this jacket matches.

The coat features both belt buckles on the front, as well as a button enclosure, giving both security in the jacket as well as the ultimate style.

Unlike other similar, weaker, coats this particular leather coat features an impactful large collar. This adds to the charm, and ensures that even if someone else is wearing another leather trench coat, yours will stand proudly out from the crowd.

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