Black Long Sleeve Hooded Dress – Robe Style


This bewitching robe style dress is packed with enchanting detail. A magical addition to your wardrobe, you will find a reason to wear this time and time again.

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Tired of bring old dresses that are all in the same style? This gothic long sleeved hooded dress might be just the thing you need to light up your wardrobe again.

Inspired by The Craft, and other descriptions of witches, this pagan style dress oozes style. The long sleeves give every single hand movement you do a bewitching quality. This is especially great paired with the short length of the dress, creating a powerfully seductive come-hither look.

From the Killstar company, a name that is becoming synonymous with striking Gothic fashion items, this dress contains all of the hall-marks of powerful materials being used in it’s creation. Made out of a durable, soft to touch 100% Viscose fabric, this is a fitted dress that fits well. The viscose also provides a wonderful feeling, giving you both bliss and comfort.

This material also allows this dress to be suitable for most weathers. It is just light enough that you won’t be burning on warm days, and yet just heavy enough that you won’t need to have another layer on when the weather gets colder.

And of course, the hood is wonderfully handy for if it decides to start raining.

The hood has a bit of extra fabric applies to it, allowing the bottoms of it to dip just a little bit below your shoulder line. This small attention to details adds to the bewitching aspect of this dress.

When you put this on, for every day or club wear, you will find yourself enchanting everyone you encounter. You are sure to be in for a magical evening (or hell, even day) every time you wear this.

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