Black Meshed Women’s Netted Top


Rock out in this great meshed top. With a breathable design, and full bust covering, this is one top that will have you looking as hard as nails and sexy in any goth club.

Product Description:

For when you want to rock out to the world. For when you want to look as hot as hell in the club. For when you want to look your best.

This meshed top from the Spiral company oozes with classic rock and goth style. The mesh on the arms, neckline, and in the chest area, with a solid patch in the top up your breast area. This means that unlike other pure meshed tops, you don’t have to worry about what you are wearing underneath.

Made by the Spiral company, you can trust that this is a high quality top. Spiral are becoming one of the most talked about clothing brand in the gothic circles, and this is yet another example of why they are becoming so popular. This top is made out of a high quality 100% cotton, and has been dyed using Azo-free, reactive skin friendly dyes.

There are two additional details that I particularly like about this top. The first is the row of holes around the neck line. It would have been too easy to, here, instead place each more netting. However, instead Spiral have elected to keep them open and clear, giving almost a necklace style effect. This elevates this particular top’s style and fashion. These holes do not look out of place however, as many other areas of the top also have these stylish little holes added.

The second wonderful addition comes at the waist area, where a shape that has been made that almost looks like a pentagram. This adds a slight hint of the enduring symbol onto the clothing that creates a wonderful little effect.

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