Black PVC Fetish Gothic Corset – Steel Boned


With steel boning, this black PVC corset is an amazing touch to any outfit. The top shows just the right amount of perfect cleavage, and it's shaping capabilities will make you feel as sexy as hell.

The PVC this corset is made out of is high quality, and shines in the best way.

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Product Description:

Shiny PVC is one of the most amazing things to wear. And this black corset is one of the most amazing black PVC corsets you could own.

With a slight fetish style, this corset will make you feel good while shaping your body and displaying your curves in all of the right ways.

Unlike other shiny PVC corsets, this one does include full steel bones. This means that it doesn’t lose it’s shape. And means that it will help shape your own body to be the perfect hourglass shape for wearing a corset.

The top of this black PVC corset displays just the right amount of cleavage, meaning that you are neither over exposed or under exposed. It’s overbust styling means that this is also a perfect corset to wear on it’s own, or with some of your amazing gothic accessories. The corset does also include a modesty panel, fitting at the back, allowing you to decide just how much skin you want to show at the back.

Of course, the corset includes a full steel busk, meaning that taking it off is as easy as loosening the strings on the side and unclipping. This is great, as of course, the best way to wear this, or any other black PVC corset, is as tight as possible.

As well as being comfortable to take off, the corset is comfortable to wear. With a cotton lining, comfort isn’t sacrificed at all while you are looking drop dead gorgeous.

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