Black PVC Underbust Corset – Steel Boned


Every goth needs at least one PVC item in their wardrobe. This Black PVC Underbust Corset is a perfect choice.

The steel busk on the front makes getting this corset on and off easy, once you have loosened the back laces. The steel bones give both the corset, and you, shape.

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Product Description:

PVC is an amazing looking, and comfortable to wear, material, that is commonly seen at goth clubs around the world. This black PVC underbust corset is one of the best ways to start getting into the fashion. All eyes will be on you, for the best reasons, when you put this on.

As with all the best corsets, this gothic underbust corset has a steel boned structure. This helps to define both the corset, and your body shape while wearing it.Add to this the proper corset lacing at the back, and you have a high quality underbust corset.

Putting this on will help to give you, and help to train your body to have, the classic hour glass figure.

Although the steel bones will allow you to train your shape while wearing this PVC corset underneath clothes, when it looks this good, you will want to incorporate it into your outfits. It is also comfortable to wear, with a 100% cotton lining to ensure that your skin underneath the corset remains comfortable, without distraction from how amazing the PVC looks.

Unlike many other corsets on Amazon, the lacing on this uses a high quality cord, as opposed to rope, ensuring that the corset will be as tight as you can make it and keep it’s shape. And as with all corsets, that is the way to wear this. You want both the amazing look of the black PVC, and the great feeling of an underbust corset on you.

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