Black Steel Boned Corset – Steampunk Stylings


For a perfect burlesque style outfit. Or for a perfect body. Or actually, simply just perfect. A four clasp front black gothic corset, with a touch of gothic steampunk.

Product Description:

This corset is the perfect touch to add to your unique, revolutionary Steampunk style outfit. The black steel boned corset, from the Charmian company, features a row of four steel clasps at the front of the corset that helps add to it’s style.

One of the nicest things about this corset is the shape. The heart shaped bust covering curves just slightly more than other, typical corset, giving this corset a subtle, yet completely unique shape. If you are brave enough to wear this corset on it’s own, then this area shows just the right hint of the girls to give you an entrancing, sexy look.

At both sides of this corset, there are two decorative belt buckles, giving this corset it’s hint of steam punk styling. These clasps, although strictly unnecessary, are actually one of the killer features of the look of this corset. These belt buckles help to match the faux-leather lining detail on the edges and front of the corset. These trimmings, which do also run straight down the sides of the corset and not just around the edges, help this corset to really pop out.

The cloth fabric on this corset has been made with a lovely little, and very slight, floral print adding something additional to this corset than the plain black that you might find on other similar corsets.

Of course, just with all other true corsets, at the back you will find your row of corset lacing. That, plus the steel bones contained within this corset, will help you train your waist and help you to give your body the shape that you want.

Be brave, daring, and bold with this corset.

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