Black & Teal Victorian Gothic Top – With Front Ribbon Effect


Perfect for Ren Faires, Medieval Markets, Victorian Picnics, or simply just going out, this absolutely delightful top with it's wide sleeves and pointed skirt hem is an amazing addition to your wardrobe.

Product Description:

If you’ve never worn a top in this style before, the first thing you’ll notice and experience is how you feel in it. The moment you put on something in this style you are transported into a new world, a world of queens and fair ladies.

Part of this is the effect of the sleeves. The kinds of large sleeve are only typically seen on historical dramas, or Game of Thrones, and most certifiably not in typical fashion items. These wide kimono sleeves add a sense of ceremony and occasion to your every movement, while yet still giving off a refined and elegant feminine look.

The next part which takes you to a new world is the pointed bottom top women gothic hem. It has he perfect amount of sway, for when you are line-dancing in a field skipping through a meadow, or at the ball with your sweetheart. On this particular top, it is hemmed with the bright, brilliant teal color that predominates this top.

It’s not just your inside that will shine with beauty though. This Victorian style women’s top is also pretty amazing on the outside. The front of it features a wonderful criss crossed bit of lasing. Attached to dual rows of three O-Rings, and descending into a front bow, this talking point of this particular top brings out an extra detail not typically seen on other Victorian tops of this style.

Made out of a 92% polyester material, with 8% spandex, this top is also long lasting and will keep you through many warm summer months and all the long winters to come.

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