Black Womens Top with Red Rip Styling


Get your claws out with this black and red top from the Spiral company. This two in one black top features claw marks around it, revealing the red under layer. For a gothic fashion look with plenty of teeth.

Product Description:

Spiral are quickly becoming one of the biggest names in gothic fashion. This piece here is another touch of their world-class stylings.

Made to be worn as one, although separable, this item is actually two tops. The first one, black, has subtle yet noticeable claw marks around it. This is for the inner top, a lovely little red tank top. Combine the two together, and you have a bleeding edge piece of fashion to wear.

Always looking to make high quality clothes, Spiral have used a 100% cotton material in this top. Additionally, for the dying of the fabric, they have used Azo free, reactive dyes. Both tops will keep their color, while being soft and delicate on your skin. After all, with the razor edge cuts on the top tank top, your fashion will be so sharp there’s no reason for your skin to also feel prickly.

Both tops also have just a small amount of stretch in them, allowing you pose just as brilliantly as the model shown in the images!

Of course, being a red and black outfit, this is one item that is perfect to wear at goth clubs or bars. Unlike more elaborate items, you can wear this and feel comfortable, while still retaining your cutting style.

You can also wear the black outer top on it’s own> The claw marks aren’t anywhere were it would be too revealing, and the slight hint of skin gives you a seductive look without being too-much. Or of course, you can also enjoy having a plain black tank top for any purpose. Buying this top is a great and economic choice.

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