Boned Overbust Lace Gothic Corset


Although at first look, this item may not look like a true corset, that is all parts of it charms. The added polkadot netted details to the sleeves, as well as the thin line of netting around the bust line gives this overbust corset great character. Add an cute, yet sexy yet aggressive bow on the front, and you have an outfit that is built to impress.

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Product Description:

This doesn’t look like your typical corset, but that’s because what makes it come to life is all of the extra details that are involved within the construction.

One of the most noticeable things about this great gothic over bust corset are the sleeves. Consisting of a stunning netted polkadot pattern, they help this corset break out from your waist and breasts and into an area that is not normally within the realm of gothic corsets.

The corset is also deceptive in the amount of detail that is actually within the fabric. On the front of a gorgeous, yet subtile, floral pattern. It can be somewhat hard to notice this, because the front of the corset is also taken over by an amazing, magnificent tie up front.

But, when your eyes move up from the criss-crossed ribbon, you will also notice the amazing detail that has been crafted to the very top of the corset. With a black rope trimming at the front, and lacing poking out all over the bust line, where the corset ends is just as impressive as where this overbust gothic corset begins.

This top detail also extends out to the bottom, with the lace becoming bigger and flowing into an almost small skirt shaped space.

All in all, this is one corset where the details matter, and the details make it, and you, look stunning no matter what event you are going to.

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