Corset with Chains and Buttons – Black Faux Leather


This isn't a Jane Austen corset. This is a corset for those who want to rock. Chains and buttons give you the perfect goth chick look. The faux leather makes you feel sexy. Both inside and out.

Product Description:

Leather has been around since the early days of goth. Corsets have been around for much longer. With all feminine goth styles, one thing remains constant. The corset.

Even general rock corsets have their place in the culture. A few chains here and there can transform femininity into power and confidence. Metal admonishments create a metal attitude. To the fashion item. And to the wearer.

This corset screams power with its chain and button design. Decorative clasps surround this corset on the front and in the corners. A single chain at the front invites people to get close. The faux leather warns people that you will bite them. You will own them.

A zip up front makes this corset easy to put on. A lace up back makes this corset clinch tight and hard to your body.

Throughout the history of corsets, people have worn them their own way. Under clothes. On top. With tops. Without tops. With trousers. With long skirts. With short skirts. This is a customisable corset. Put on your own chains. Add your own accessories. A padlock on the zip? Go for it. Let everyone know exactly who they are dealing with.

The love heart cusp shape speaks of a fiery passion. That the people who you let close to you are cared for. The rock attitude adopted by this and you displays that you are not a push over. Nor a toy. You are a powerful, self-assured, confident person. Who knows what they want. Who will take what they want. And who is not to be trifled with.

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