Cybergoth White Light-Up Platform Boots – With Green Details


For when the only way to show off our dark soul is to shine it brightly. These white platform boots are perfect for any cyber goth, or just for anyone who wants boots that are as far away from the standard black as possible. With Electronic Light Action!

Product Description:

Who says that you can only dress in black? And for that matter, who decried that all boots must be black. And for that matter, who said that shoes have to be boring and unfun?

These boots bring a party to footwear. Once you get past the shock of seeing an all wight, tall boot, you will notice the valve within the four and a half inches high platform. This valve lights up. These aren’t boots that are only worn for comfort. Or only worn for looking good (although they do tick both of those boxes). These are shoes for having fun in. These are boots made for three distinct times: Dancing Times, Happy Times, Joyous times.

The joy of these boots isn’t all electronic. There are also plenty of glow in the dark details, particularly around all of the green highlights, such as on the straps and at the very top of the (almost) seventeen inch boot shaft.

One thing that can be very unfun, especially on taller pairs of shoes or those with platforms, is the hassle in taking them on and off. However, after the night of excitement at a the club, these boots are actually simple to take on and off. With a full length zipper down the site, there is no need to undo plenty of laces, or the straps on the front. Perfect for when your feet are aching just a little bit more from all the energetic dancing you have likely done in these Cybergoth style White Platform Boots.

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