Day of The Dead Gothic T-Shirt – 100% Cotton


The colorful day of the dead is given a Gothic make over with this spiral men's t-shirt. Be celebratory of death and life while retaining your gothic cred with this 100% cotton T-shirt from the spiral company.

Product Description:

The day of the dead has pretty much exploded in modern culture. Pretty much everyone can recognise the sugar skulls, with all of their multi colored gem stones, on sight.

This event also speaks to themes that many Goths uphold. That of the idea of death not being something to be scared of, but an essential part of life. Something that gives life color and meaning. And something to face and understand.

Day of the Dead items tend to use a lot of bright colors. This is because it’s also about making the earth a party, to invite the spirits of deceased ones back to the earth to visit relatives, and to bless them with good luck.

However, because of the focus on displaying death, in all of it’s beauty, day of the bed style images make a great idea for Gothic clothing. Which is where this Spiral Gothic Day of the Dead T-Shirt comes in.

Although there is still a slight splash of colour on the skull of the female skeleton on this top, the core of the image is black, white, and all the shades in between. However, there is also the additional touch of plenty of red highlights, from the red roses, to the dripping, blood like wax on a skill, to the patterned background giving the whole image definition.

This T-Shirt is made out of 100% cotton. Additionally, a skin-friendly, azo-free dye was used on the fabric to turn it black. This means that as well as being comfortable to wear, the screen printed image is sharp and stays sharp.

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