Double Breasted Military Style Gothic Jacket


A uniform of a suit jacket, made perfectly for goth clubbing and gigs. This men's gothic double breasted jacket allows you to feel powerful and mighty.

With navy style buttons, this is a gothic jacket made for a general. Put this on, and walk through the club with confidence and swagger.

Product Description:

This military style Gothic jacket has the trappings of militarily style, without being so over the top you may not feel like wearing it at events where harsh EDM isn’t being played. In fact, this men’s jacket is also very suitable for casual winter wear, with just the right hint of gothic to show your personality to the world. This isn’t just a jacket that you would wear to Gothic clubs, or around your gothic friends. This is a jacket that you will be able to wear all of the time.

Another nice little detail of this button fly closure jacket is how the front of the jacket tapers off. A straight line sets out where the button meets, with the more standard suit-jacket style curves reaching to the left and right. This allows you to show off any killer goth belts that you have, as well as increasing the regalness of this jacket.

Made out of 50% Polyester and 50% Rayon, this jacket is both breathable and warm. And of course, the killer material of this jacket comes in the form of those amazing buttons, which gives the jacket an amazing amount of charm and character.

The high neckline helps you to feel powerful and mighty. With a single button also appearing on the collar, this is a jacket that has a lot of care and attention put into it on the general design.

Thanks to the navy style buttons, and this neck collar, placing this jacket on gives you a level of confidence that is better than (and much heather than) the beer confidence.

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