Dual Black and Red Gothic Corset


An asymmetrical corset that screams class, heat and sexiness all in one.

This black and red dual tone corset stands out from all of the plain standard corsets that make use of just one tone throughout the whole outfit. Wearing this, you are dressed and ready to impress everyone. Including yourself.

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Product Description:

If you are thinking about wearing a corset for the first time and want one that will impress, this is an amazingly great choice.

There is a level of care taken with this corset, as the front ribbon is also dual tone. Care has also been taken with the slight floral pattern on the dual tone, giving this corset even more character. One black ribbon overdressing to the red side, and one red ribbon crossing over to the black side, adds an extra dimension of amazingness to this item.

It is a great beginners corset, not just because it is cheap, but because it uses plastic bones. Whereas true corsets will use steel bones, the plastic bones on means that the corset will not sit as tight on your body as many other corsets. Even though it will still keep it’s shape and help to shape you body, it does not tighten on you as much as a steel boned.

It is also a lot easier to undo than other corsets. As with all corsets, you should loosen up the back before taking it off. However, there is a zip on the front meaning that you can undo it from the front to help get you out of it.

And of course, the back uses full corset lacing, allowing you to tighten it up.

Perfect to wear with your other goth clothes, or with other black and red items, this is a corset that you will wear time and time again, especially after seeing all of positive reactions that you will get while wearing it.

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