Elizabethan Style Women’s Burgundy Jacket


A regal delightful Burgundy Corduroy jacket awaits you. Made from fine cords, with a faux leather front. Includes tails at the back, giving you that extra amount of swoosh during all of your courtships.

Product Description:

Burgundy is such a wonderful color, it’s a wonder it is not worn more. Well, we reckon everyone was waiting for a burgundy jacket that looks as amazing as this one.

From the Lip Service company, this jacket contains all of their standard hallmarks. That is, their attention to detail, their attention to fit, and their attention to styling.

As an example of how much attention they take in everything, take a look at the slight lace thrill around the v-line. This small little touch gives the style of this jacket extra meaning.

This same lace takes a come back, but in a bigger way, once you get to the sleeve cuffs. Creating an almost outward spiral effect, this little touch ensures that every part of your body is decked out in this amazing emulation of the Elizabethan style.

There is a slight touch of modern sensibilities here in the faux leather front wait panel. This is where the buttons are kept as well. The faux leather feels very much like the ‘real’ thing, and adds a line of seemingly waist clenching effect to the jacket, helping to ensure that this jacket fits on you in just the right way.

Looking at only the front pictures of this tail coat style Burgundy jacket, you might miss out on the back where this leather patch meets a large ribbon. The ends of the ribbon dip all the way down to the beginning of the coat’s tail. If you don’t look at the back, you might also miss out on the lovely little black embroidery that have been added to the tail as well. Both of these elements ensure that not only will people be stunned by you when you walk by them, they will remain stunned when they do a look backwards to you to work out “Who was that damn stylish person.”

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