Eye Ring with Teeth


All eyes will be on you with this Gothic ring. With an eyeball in the middle, and a row of teeth enveloping the eye, this is an item that will attract all the right kind of stares.

Product Description:

An interesting little psychology study discovered something quite interesting about the appearance of eyes. When posters of eyes were placed in a student cafeteria, students were much far more likely to not engaging in littering behaviors.

So, now imagine what kind of effect displaying eye based iconography can have on people? Why not discover with this eye ring.

Made out of Titanium steel this ring has plenty of detail in it. The iris in the middle is detailed, with the iris having characteristic dots and streaks in it. The fangs themselves are also positioned perfectly around the eye, not obscuring it but making their grasping presence known. It would have been easy for the makers of this ring to make every fang look the same. However, the subtle difference in each one shows you that you are getting a product made with care.

The eye and teeth detail on this ring measure 2.3 cm as a width and 2.0 for a length, meaning that this decoration is not so big that it’ll get in the way, but also not so small that it won’t be noticed.

Because of the lack of pentagrams, crosses, or spikes on it this is also a great ring for everyday wear if you want a piece of jewelry that hints at your goth stylings without directly calling out to it. However, because of the eye-catching beauty of this ring, it is also a perfect fit to increase the look of your goth outfits.

As this ring is made out of Titanium Steel, it is not so light as to feel insubstantial, but not so heavy to feel uncomfortable to wear.