Gothic Black Tailcoat – Victorian Stylings


With slight Victorian stylings, this Gothic tail coat is a must have for any true gentleman. Featuring an incorporated waistcoat style front, and killer buttons, this is one tailcoat that won't stay sitting at the back of your wardrobe. Perfect with shirts, or as part of a steampunk assemble.

Product Description:

A true must for every Gothic gentleman is to own a tailcoat in their wardrobe, and this one from DarcChic is a great choice to own.

One killer thing about this coat is the style of the buttons. Unlike many others in this category, they aren’t large and gaudy, instead being simple and refined. There is no need to be splashy with buttons when you are wearing a tailcoat this refined.

The coat itself is made out of a cotton and elastane mix. This means it’s not quite as heavy as other Gothic tailcoats, but this also means that you can wear it in many weathers, not just when it is cold outside.

This coat features an integrated waistcoat, which is incorporated into the fabric of the coat itself. Meaning that you don’t need to worry about providing your own, or that your waistcoat will not match the amazing coat that you are wearing. Another great feature of having the waistcoat section integrated in this Gothic tailcoat is that it helps to prevent the sides flapping in the wind, giving your coat shape even through the toughest of breezes.

This coat also, unlike many others online, features real pockets on the front, which also makes use of the subtle, character-defining buttons on this tailcoat.

These buttons also make a welcome return at the sleeves of the jacket, with three buttons appearing on each clasp. Add in the decorative strap at the back, and you have a waistcoat that looks and feels just like something out of a Victorian screenplay.

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