Gothic Leather Black Corset with Chains – Steel Boned


What's more gothic than chains? How about chains with an included padlock.

This leather corset also features a zip up front, which just adds to the amazing gothic rock look. Add to this that this is still a corset that will shape your body, and this is a corset that will quickly become a main stay of your outfits.

Product Description:

For when you want a little bit of extra on your going out corset, this is the perfect one for you.

The front of this corset contains that all so great gothic accessory, chains. Implemented in the style of corset lacing, the chains help to give this corset as much character as you have.

The included padlock at the end also gives a very slight, smirking, sexual hint.

Although steel busk enclosures are typical, this corset uses it to help make an increased gothic rock statement with the dip at the very front.

In fact, one shorthand to describe this corset is “metal.”

Like all of the best corsets, this one does include high quality steel bones, meaning that both the corset and you will keep the corset shape.

As you’d expect, this corset is also made out of great quality materials, with this one being made out of leather to help set it out away from the PVC, Latex, and other common materials you might find in gothic corsets.

The lacing at the back allows you to do this corset up tight, exactly how you should wear one. Additionally, this corset does come with a modesty panel, meaning that you don’t have to show off your skin at the back if you don’t want to.

This corset both demands your attention, and the attention of others around you. Not only will you feel stunning, but everyone around you will see how stunning you are.

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