Gothic Metal Spiked High Heel Pumps


For shoes that make a cutting statement. Creating a piercing impression everywhere you go with this incredibly sharp looking footwear.

Product Description:

The classic Gothic accessory, spikes and studs, now on some of the sharpest footwear to ever grace feet. With pointed features, revel in the deadly fashion of these high heel pumps.

These high heel Gothic pumps have a series of studs and spikes all around them, with the tow of the foot in particular looking like it could do some real damage if you ever get in a situation where you need to kick someone with them.

These shoes, however, would look just weird and cliché if the spikes were the only additional touch added to them. Thankfully, the Hades Company that created this shoe are a lot smarter than that. Both the hell and the slight platform of the toe have been sculpted. The additional metal styling here are like something out of the most barbed of H.G. Giger’s dreams. The styling on the pointed heel goes all the way to the rear of the shoe, creating a wonderful little frame effect.

This styling even extends to the undersole of the shoe, with a tipped spine-like metal decoration. Even when looking at the side, these shoes are a keen point to behold.

Thanks to the razed platform at the front, you will have inches added to your height (One and a half of them to be exact) without having to walk around like you are on a razor edge.

One thing to note about these shoes is that, thanks to all of the metal on them, they are actually quite heavy. However, if you aren’t used to wearing a set of heavy shoes, you might find yourself really liking the effect. They give your feet a sense of weight, which make you feel like a cutting-edge human while walking around.

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