Gothic Pin Up Zombie Tank Top – 100% Ethical Cotton


Add a bit of femmine sexy, a smothering of goth, and a masculine shape in a cooking pot, and out comes this voodoo-zombie style Tank Top. Made from ethically sourced cotton, it looks and feels as good as it is for the environment.

Product Description:

They say that Zombies are the new in thing. This is false. Zombies have always been in. From Night of the Living Dead, to old tails of Voodoo practitioners, Zombies have always been a corner stone of modern culture, with or without The Walking Dead, Dead Rising or 28 Days Later.

The idea of a corpse coming back to life fits in so well with the gothic mentally of death just being another stage and part of life. A beautiful, timeless thing to actually behold.

From the Wellcoda company, this black tank top features a full, high quality printed picture on the front of a gothic zombie beauty. Done in grey scale, with slashes of red and green for colour on flowers that accompany her. The whole design is a great throw back to old zombie tales of yore. The zombie herself is wearing just an ever so subtle slight splash of Day of the Dead style decorations, including an interesting choice of having the Spades (as in the playing card symbol) on her head.

Just because this is a top that celebrates the dead though, doesn’t mean that it also has to contribute to the suffering of the plant. This top is made out of a 100% ethically sourced cotton which, while also being comfortable, is porous and sturdy enough to ensure that the beautiful graphic on it doesn’t fade or crack. In fact, it’s not just the cotton that Wellcoda pay attention to. Everything from the pink to the energy used, is done to be as eco friendly as possible, even going as far as to ensure that for tree that is used in any part of the manufacturing process, another one is planted.

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