Gothic Superman Logo Tank Top


You can show off both your geek creed, and your goth creed, at the same time. This Tank Top features a red superman logo on top of a gothic, silver cross.

Officially licensed, you are not buying a cheap knock off top with this top.

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Product Description:

Being a goth can mean many different things to many different people. But one thing always always remains constant. That of a burning passion. On the whole, Goths are endlessly fascinated by their interests, and obsess, in a good way, over them.

That is why this Gothic tank top is such a good idea if you are also a comic book geek. It mixes both sides of you in such an complete way, with neither item predominating. It is one great way to show the dual sides of your personality.

This top features an official red and black superman S design, on top of a Celtic looking cross. Just like your burning passion for your interests, the cross is aflame.

One of the reasons that this top goes so great with many goth outfits is the typical style of them; black and silver. Adding a touch of red is a great way to complete any Gothic look, with some people even going as far as to wear a bit of red underneath a netted top (in fact, this is what I tend to do).

These matching colours means that no matter what other gothic accessories you might be wearing at the time you wear this, then you will be matching.

Don’t fear if you are more of an under cover goth though! But that’s not to say that this is only a good top to wear if you are intending to go to a goth event. The bit of geek credit on it, and the more subtle Gothic stylings as seen in other men’s tank tops, makes this also a great tank top to wear in the summer, for a friend’s BBQ, or simply while you are on your way to save some civilians.

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