Heeled & Platformed Combat Boots – PU Leather


It is the modern day. Not only masculine people can wear footwear suitable for matching in. These platform style combat boots are perfect for military style outfits, or in fact, on many different goth styles.

Product Description:

Combat style boots are all the rage these days. And in fact, are perfect to wear if you like having a bit of rage on the dance floor. They are perfect for stomping in, for listening to marching beats, and add a sense of dominance to any outfit.

These particular combat style boots from the Carol Shoes company are a perfect pair of combat boots to wear. With a four inch heel, and one and a half inch platform, they give a commanding boost to your height without becoming incredibly uncomfortable to walk or dance in. The additional touch of a decorative strap buckle on the side adds a little extra winking touch to these boots.

An additional comfort points comes in the lining of these boots. Velvet is used, meaning that even while you are taking the breath away from people, your feet are able to breathe.

A boot is not a combat boot without a large shaft. These boots have a ten inch shaft. On the front of this shaft is a row of eight eyelets. Here a lovely little touch has been given. Typically in this style of boot the eye lit style is silver. However, instead the Carol Shoes company have opted to use bronze eyelets. This gives these boots a mighty presence that stands out from the crowd of other combat style Gothic boots.

One additional plus to these boots is the PU leather that has been used in making them. If you are the kind of person who avoids buying animal leather, then you can buy these boots in confidence with the material they have been made from.

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