Knee High Black and Red Lace Detailed Boots


A marring of the two most popular goth colors, red and black, this highly seductive pair of black and red boots is a statement you on how sexy you are.

Product Description:

Knee high boots can be boring. Really. Most of them are black. Most of them have buckles, or loops, or something really uninspiring. There isn’t anything sexy about them, apart from the mental image that someone may have of the type of character who wears those kinds of boots.

However, those kinds of boots are nothing like this pair.

The sides of these boots are devoted to an provocative red and black lacing effect, complete with a corset style ribbon adoring the sides. The black and red lace joins seamlessly to the synthetic leather that makes up the front and back of these steamy boots.

Knee high boots, as well as being similar to each other, also come with a stigma of being difficulty to put on. Again, not the case with these knee high Gothic boots from the pleaser company. A large zip at the back makes getting these on and off really simple. If you are in a situation where putting them on and off is an indicator of sexy times to come, you will still feel amazingly grand taking them off without any slip ups happening. This does also mean that you can leave the wonderfully tasteful and suggestive ribbons on the two sides completely done up. Perfect if you have practiced your corset typing notes and want another place to show off your titillating skills.

The front of these shoes feature a row of five gothic looking buckles, but these just add to the masterfully provoking nature.

You also will not feel small at all in these. With a 3.75 inch heel, these are shoes that will give you an uplift of flirtatious confidence.

These boots are made out of a cruelty free synthetic leather.

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