Lace Trousers – Flare Bell Bottoms


Trousers with a style like no other. These flared trousers are the perfect fit for any lacy top or jacket. Made from a 98% Nylon and 2% Spandex mix.

Product Description:

These are some seriously unique trousers. Of course, the most striking thing about them is the flare bottoms. Here dangles a bell bottom style lace, creating a wonderfully enchanting effect. The length of these trousers also make them absolutely delightful to dance in.

The lace pattern uses black roses, for a lovely little Gothic touch to these sexy trousers. The ending of them have purposely be hemmed thinly, to make sure that nothing distracts from the effects of the sheet amount of lace. The long length of the trousers means that these are perfect to wear with high heels, or your Gothic platform shoes.

The top of the trousers are more opaque, transforming into a pair of shorts. The elastication in this area hugs your body, creating a form fitting fashion item. Despite this area being more opaque, the lace effect is still here, creating a wonderful, almost three-dimensional effect. There are no buttons or pockets, meaning that nothing at all distracts from the wonderful effect of these trousers.

These trousers are perfect for many different kinds of goth looks. From a 70s inspired horror punk, to a modern day romantic Gothic look. additionally, they pair really well with an additional skirt, which is perfect for cold winter nights. These trousers also look amazing with the right kind of hat on, or with a few Gothic arm bracelets adorning your arms.

These lace trousers are made out of a 98% nylon and 2% Spandex mix, ensuring that there is the right amount of fit to them, without them feeling uncomfortable on.These are the kind of trousers that make an impact wherever you go, without impacting your comfort.

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