Lacy See Through Pantyhose – With Garter Belt


Something to wear for that special someone: Yourself. These high quality pantyhose are perfect for the wide range of gothic dresses and skirts on the market, and add an elegant touch to any outfit.

Product Description:

This set of Pantyhose, from the Malloom company, provide a high degree of sexiness to any outfit they are paired with, wherever it be a short skirt, a long dress, or something in between (or even completely different). Instantly turn any outfit into a strong display of your femininity, elegance and sheer damn good looks with these pantyhose.

Made out of a spandex material, these are breathable, comfortable and form fitting. They measure from about 40-60 cm in length, and provide ample coverage with a lot of tease. The spandex is stretchy enough to shape the pantyhose into your leg shape, but not so stretchy that you will experience unwelcome brunches or discomfort. The material these are made from are also pretty soft, meaning that while wearing them you can feel confident and comfortable no matter what the situation is.

These gothic style stockings are pretty much made by the display of the pattern on them. A lovely swirl effect happens, with plenty of oblique curves in amongst a very healthy amount of netting.

These stockings also incorporate a garter belt, which follows on from the same kind of shape pattern as seen on the legs. So, although the legs may be perfect for going to the clubs, the whole of these are perfect for home after, wherever you are with a special someone else, or a special someone in terms of yourself.

All in all, if you are looking for a new pair of stockings or pantyhose, this is the perfect pair to treat yourself to. You get to feel sexy, and experience the confidence that it brings. And all while remaining comfortable thanks to their soft and stretchy material.

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