Leather Steel Boned Zipper Black Corset


This is not your typical PVC corset. Made of leather, this sexy corset gives just a slight hint of BSDM and Fetish wear.

The gleam of sexiness on this corset transfers over to you, filling your body with confidence every time you wear it.

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Product Description:

Want to wow the whole club with your new corset? Then this is the one for you.

With more style than many other corsets, this one gives off a very slight hint of BSDM and Fetish style activities, allowing you to give a knowing wink to everyone who sees you in this stunning leather corset. That is not to say, however, that this is just for those who are interested in the life style. This is suitable wear for any goth event, rock clubs, or any kind of event where you want to dress up just a little bit.

The zips on the breast panels give this corset an extra little bit of personality. This, alongside the true leather that has been used in it’s construction, all adds up to a clothing item you will find reasons to wear time and time again.

The lacing on the back of this corset allows you to do it in just the way a corset should be. As tight as possible. Additionally, this corset features steel boning. This keeps you in corset shape while wearing it, and also helps the corset itself keep it’s shape. And of course, for easy removal, the corset features a steel busk at the font, meaning that once you loosen the back this leather BSDM style corset is easy to take off.

The corset’s front ascends into a curved drop, helping you to accentuate your breasts. Additionally, the top layer of leather is folded over, helping to give extra shape and to give a bit of extra support at the top.

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