Men’s Blue and Black Two Toned Gothic Kilt – Half-Length


Combat the standard black kilt with this electrify blue and black two-tone kilt. With a 19 inch length, and plenty of cargo pockets, this full power kilt is stylish and practicable.

Product Description:

Blue is a color that should be used a hell of a lot more within the Gothic fashion. Although usually only seen on cybergoths, this color is actually a great addition to many different styles, including industrial and military.

Additionally, most Gothic kilts don’t really have any spark. Sure, they can be pretty cool because they are an outfit that some people, especially men, only feel comfortable to wear at goth clubs (unless they are true Scotsmen). However, really, most Gothic men’s kilts pretty much look the same. Either all black, or black with a few metal accessories here and there. Two tone kilts are actually pretty rare to see. And it’s even rarer to see a kilts that looks as glowing as this one.

It’s not just the blue two tone that gives this kilt such an striking presence though. With two leather style straps on the side, the kilt also has a bit of additional flair. Add to this the O-rings around the waist band area for attaching chains or straps to, and you also have an adaptable Gothic kilt. that allows you to customize your look depending on how electrifying you feel that day.

The power of this kilt isn’t just a matter of looks though. It has been made from a durable cotton, which means that it is both light weight and long lasting. Additionally, with two sturdy cargo pockets on the sides, you will have more than enough room to hold all of your items. Another great practicable feature of this kilt is that it is adjustable, with the straps being able to adjust the waist by two inches.

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