Men’s Bronze Skull Metal Belt Buckle – With Claw Details


Having a large belt buckle on can add a lot of power and mystery to a man. This particular belt buckle, with the typical goth styling of a skull, shows that you mean business.

Product Description:

Belts can be very boring. A lesser man uses a belt that is only plain black leather with a standard buckle. Many men need to discover the effect that having a more interesting belt buckle can create. Having one instantly transforms whatever you are wearing into a statement.

And this particular Gothic belt buckle makes a massive statement.

First comes the bronze skull in the middle. In a world where the typical belt buckle is made out of only silver, this complementary color works really well. The skull itself is done in the old pirate, crossbones, style. This doesn’t mean, though, that you can only wear this with a pirate style shirt or similar.

Secondly is the way this skull has been framed. Not just with the silver circle around the emblem. A demonic set of claws hold the circular view in place.

In total, the belt buckle is about four inches large, meaning that like all good belt buckles, it is instantly noticeable in the statement it makes.

With skull images becoming more and more popular in every day life, thanks to things like the day of the dead gaining a lot of significance and of course, the works of Tim Burton, it is more than possible to see this as a purchase that can be worn for every day wear. But of course, this metal belt buckle really comes into it’s own when you pear it with some Gothic trousers, a Gothic kilt, or anything else and wear it out to a Gothic club.

(Belt strap not included)

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