Men’s Gothic Kilt With Chains and Swingable Pockets


For when you want a heavy metal kilt. With plenty of metal chains, this is one short kilt that has a rocking lot of potential. With plenty of loud accessories, make your outfit as extreme as you are.

Product Description:

Kilts are one of the greatest things to take to heavy metal concerts. You haven’t truly head banged until everything is failing around, not just your hair. And even if you don’t tend to go to metal based events, but much prefer the sounds of electro or EDM, or even general rock in your clubs, this is a perfect kilt to take along with you to show your rocking side.

Part of the appeal with this particular kilt lies in the row of chains and the numerous o-rings. Although it may only come with two chains, there is plenty of room and space for you to increase the loud style of this kilt through all of your own accessories. Or, you can even remove the chains, if you so want, for a more lightweight experience while wearing it.

One absolute amazing feature of this kilt is the cargo side pocket. Held into place with strong flaps, this is left lose, allowing for an extra range of failing around. Which of course, is one of the best things about a kilt, especially when you are stomping all over the dance floor. Plus as this pocket is made out of a strong material, you don’t have to worry about all of your stuff falling out of it or breaking the bottom of it.

This kilt is also adjustable, and can be loosened by two inches. Additionally, it does also include belt loops. Both of these items means that you can make sure that this kilt will suit and fit you throughout life.

Buy this kilt, and get ready to unleash the power of rock on everyone you meet while wearing it.

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