Men’s Knee High Boots – Brass Knuckle Detail


Look and feel ready for a war. A war on the dance floor. A war of bashing away others trying to stand near the person wearing these stylish, knee high men\'s boots. With plenty of detail, and a zipper for each wear, this boot demands respect.

Product Description:

Ready for action. These boots are the kind that makes everyone in the area stand to attention.

These gnarly boots instantly look ready for a battle. One of the reasons that these boots are so eye-catching is down to the brass knuckle details. Four brass knuckles, two on each side, and one at the top and one at the bottom, give these shows a hefty sense of power. Each brass knuckle also comes with chains, that can be detached. So you can choose to have the sounds of chains clanging wherever you marsh, or go for a more classic and reserved regal look while still feeling like a general.

These boots would look a little silly if these brass knuckles were the only piece of decoration on them. Thankfully, the Demonia company have paid a lot of attention to the little embellishments. A row of three straps separate out the two brass knuckles, allowing you to strap yourself into your combat boots. Add the twenty eyelit front, and you have boots that will endure, keep their shape, and fit well no matter what kind of battle field you might find yourself in.

Even proud warriors sometimes crave a bit of simplicity and comfort. Which is why, even with all of these ways to keep these boots nice and tight on you, there is a full length zipper. Unlike other full length boots, which may only use laces, buckles, or both, getting these knee high boots on and off is

With a healthy one and a half inch heel sole, these boots are perfectly made for stomping your way into gothic fashion success.

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