Men’s Red and Black Gothic Kilt – Half-Length


Kilts are usually one color. Usually. This hybrid kilt from the Verillas company is just like you. It bucks all trends. Wear that great paired color of red and black and be unique in a sea of all black.

Product Description:

It can be hard to find unique clothing that is also masculine. You’d think this wouldn’t be true in, of all places, the goth community, but unfortunately it is. Most Gothic men’s clothing s actually pretty similar to each other. Bondage trousers can be hard to tell apart. Heavy Metal and Band T-shirts all blur into one. Cats are long, black, and typically that’s it. Even kilts, which (unless you are Scottish) aren’t typically worn by people at events other than goth events tend to all look the same when given to the subculture.

Well, not any more.

This two-tone kilt from Verillas is absolutely amazing to behold. Largely black, the red that comes directly at the pleats give this kilt a styling that is not usually seen. Simply put, it looks positively individual when compared to other single term kilts.

Not content to keep just this as the amazing killer feature of the kilt though, this black and red Gothic kilt also includes extra details in the form of a row of two leather looking straps. If you want to be really crazy, and add even more mind-blowing style to this kilt, there are also a range of O-Rings on it to allow you to insert your own straps and chains to it. But don’t go too over board, because you are already at risk of blowing people’s minds by wearing this as it is.

Not just great looking though, this kilt is also practice. With two large, cargo style sturdy pockets, you will be sure to have enough room for everything you need. It is also adjustable, being able to decrease it’s width by up to two inches. Perfect if you are the kind of person with a fluctuation stomach size. Add to that the durable fabric used in it’s construction, and you have a kilt that will allow you to wow people for years to come.

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