Meshed Long Sleeve Top With Glove Style Sleeves


From Spiral, the name that is transforming to the key player in Gothic Wear. This Meshed Top features two glove style sleeves, attached by sleeve clamps. With an opaque front and netted sides, show your sexy side with this gothic top.

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Product Description:

Having a meshed top is key if you love going out as a goth. In the heat of a bar or club, having exposed skin is a blessing. And plus there is the extra benefit of how god-damn sexy netted clothing looks. It’s the whole exposed skin yet still covered aspect of it.

This Spiral Women’s top is a prime example of how great meshed women’s tops can look. This one has been done in a long sleeve style. The most impactful thing about this particular one is the cut away sleeve styles. These have been attached to the shoulder blades through the way of a single hook, giving your arms full mobility.

With many different meshed top, one problem is that you may end up having to show off more skin than you may want to, as many other items of gothic clothing go far too overboard with the amount of netting they place. Not so with this one. The front of this top is completely opaque, meaning that you can go out in confidence as only your arms are exposed. These sleeves end in a glove like style that hooks around the ridge of your farm, for the ultimate comfort, warmth and style.

This particular top is made by the Spiral company, and has been made using all of the hallmarks that have made them one of the gothic clothing brands to watch out for. The top has been made out of their usual high quality 100% cotton, and the black color has been imparted onto it with the usage of skin-kind Azo-free and fade-resistant reactive dyes.

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