Purple Punk Style Short Skirt


For when you want to bleed a bit of purple into your gothic outfits. With a lovely purple hued tartan, purple color stitching, and detachable pocket pouches.

Product Description:

Although we are a bit fan of the black and red gothic styles here at Wake Up Goth, we also appreciate that purple is a very under utilized color in gothic outfits. You’d think it’d be used more, what with bands such as The Birthday Massacre making a theme of the color, and with it’s wonderful effect of being simultaneously a bright and yet dark color.

Which is why we really love this skirt from the Lolita Charm company. It has merged the gothic Lolita and punk style perfectly in the form of it’s purple hued tartan for a skirt hem, and within the detachable pockets contained on the skirt.

These two side pockets bring a little bit of the punk-bondage style to this skirt, completing the bleeding in of the punk into this particular skirt. A little bit of the rock aesthetic is also placed here, with studs appearing for the ultimate look.

And of course, there is a lot of joy in finally having a skirt with pockets. In fact, this one doesn’t have just two side pockets, but also two inner ones at the top. This is great as you may not want to look after your handbag while you go around dancing and rejoicing in this purple Gothic Lolita style skirt.

As well as the tartan around the pockets, detail has also been given even to the black areas of this skirt. A slightly textured pattern has been used, creating a spider-web lace style effect throughout it.

Even the fastenings have had a lot of detail put into them. Instead of the standard zip, impactful buttons have been chosen for the front and around the back a wonderful little corset style lacing is used.

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