PVC Spiked Vest with Zip Front


Wearing PVC as a man doesn't have to mean looking like your regular place to go to is a fetish club. This amazing Vinyl PVC Mens Vest from the Lip Service company looks powerful, strong and all-so-amazing.

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PVC is an absolutely amazing material to wea.. It’s warm, feels comfortable, and feels amazing. It’s also hard wearing and lasts a long while, no matter how much abuse you might throw at it.

Unfortunately, typically as a man, when you are looking for PVC clothing, you only have a few choices. Most of the times, the outfits look fetishised. Great if that’s you thing! But maybe you want to wear something in a different style. Or you have clothing that doesn’t have all of the normal Gothic adornments on it, and has just simply been made out of the material. Or you have items which only have a touch of cheap PVC here and there on the outfit.

It gets even worse if you prefer to not wear leather. PVC is one great clothing fabric for people that wish to not wear leather. Yet the styles can leave you limited and wishing that you could just wear material made from animals.

These reasons are why, personally, I am a massive fan of this Vinyl PVC vest jacket from the brilliant Lip Service company.

Made out of a high quality and vegi friendly faux leather, this is an outfit that would not be out of place in a Mad Mad film. It features two row of three spikes at the top, giving a lovely little industrial touch to the piece of clothing. Another great little industrial touch are the four bottom straps, two on the front and two on the back, with three spiked D-rings on each one. And rounding off all of the extra elements that give this PVC Gothic Spiked Vest character is the bronze zipper on the front. Not just a way of taking this vest on and off, it also helps add to the industrial-clubbing readiness of this vest.

And yes, pull the zipper down a bit, and you would also have an outfit for fetish clubs.

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