Sexy Black Faux Leather Gothic Corset


An amazing black number with a small subtitle hint of the BSDM lifestyle. This faux leather corset looks good while and is well fitting. With corset lacing on the front and the back.

Product Description:

One of the most iconic parts of a corset is the sexy stitching with it. That’s why anything that tries to emulate the corset style also has that style of stitching. For example, stockings-with-corset-style-back/”>corset style stockings. This black sexy corset makes use of two corset stitching. Of course, the area at the back, and also a wonderful little front display.

That’s not where all of the extra details end, though. At the sides on the front are a series of o-rings, attached by straps. This decorative little touch adds a classy touch of the BSDM lifestyle to this corset. This makes this corset the perfect one for both fetish goths and military goths. Or really, for any feminine goth that wants to add a touch of sexy to their going-out outfits.

You could even attach your own accessories or ribbons to these O-rings, to make this corset truly your own.

The material of this corset is a 50% PU and 50% Rayon mix. This means that the material is breathable and comfortable, while involving no animal cruelty in its construction.

This comfortability is good, as with it’s back and front stitching, you will be able to tighten this corset in the way that all good corsets should be; tight against the skin and completely body fitting.

This is a corset that is perfect for many goth clubs, particularly with a pair of leather trousers underneath. Alternatively, it also makes a lovely little addition to an outfit for any fetish club. No matter what type of goth you consider yourself as being, you will find a reason to wear this.

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