Shaper Pink Overbust Satin Corset – Steel Boned


For the Cybergoth outfit. Who says that being goth means that you need to wear black all the time?

What is interesting about this particularly corset, which will help you make an impression on the dance floor, is that it is made out of satin, which is as far removed from the normal materials for gothic corsets clothing as possible.

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Product Description:

Perfect for a cybergoth outfit with a little bit of extra spark, this pink overbust satin corset is something that will light up whatever goth club or event you go to.

Who says that goths can’t enjoy colours other than black? After all, pastel goth is a thing. And you might not always want to to dress up dark and gloomy.

Unlike the PVC or leather corset that is common, this one is made out of quality satin, meaning that if you are tired of all of the same kinds of materials, this steel boned pink corset is also a great idea.

Many of the multicoloured corsets on Amazon use plastic bones, however this corset is fully authentic with metal boning. This means that not only does the corset keep it’s shape, but it helps to shape your own body.

There are two lace functions on this corset, both at the back, and at the front for extra flair and detail. With all of the metal clasped busks, this front bow is also another way that this pink corset stands out from the crowd. Of course, the front, hidden by the bow, does also have the metal busk, to make getting this corset on and off easy.

But it’s not just the looks. Made with love and attention, this corset is high quality, and you will look for many occasions to wear it, not just goth clubs. And with the amazing way this looks, you are sure to find many excuses to wear it!

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