Spiked Bra – Black Metal Studded Black Bra


Something amazing to wear with your underbust corset. Something amazing to wear all the time. This spiked bra is everywhere. And now you can own it too. Rock out.

Product Description:

Seen everywhere. From your goth club. To the stages of concerts. To fashion shows. To television. Now it can be seen in your wardrobe.

This spiked bra allows you to rock out. Almost literally. Perfectly paired with an under bust corset. Perfectly paired with everything.

All of the nails on it pinpoint your regained confidence. Discovered by putting this on.

You won’t feel uncomfortable either. The studded rivets go throughout the cups and have a soft backing. Nothing will stand in your way when you are wearing this. The fabric of the bra is made out of an 82% Spandex 18% Nylon mix. For just the right stretch. For the ultimate comfort.

Although the straps are perfectly fine, they are also removable. You can add your own style to the hot ticket item that everyone is wearing.

This is the kind of bra you want to show off. Not hide. Another great gothic item to wear with this is a shirt. Unbutton it, and let yourself show. Give the world something to fear. Walk through the club with sass and confidence.

Or, wear it by itself. In the right club this can be just the coolant you need. And everyone else, male, female, straight, gay, will need a coolant when they see you in this.

This is not a bra for shy people. This is also not a bra worn by shy people. Are you shy? The moment you put this on, you’ll feel different. Dominant. Powerful. You’ll feel like anything that comes at you can be beaten.

Well, with the amount of metal on this, a simple chest push is enough to seriously injure any enemy that stands in your way.

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