Steampunk Hip Flask


Hip flasks are boring. Or at least, they usually are. This steampunk hip flask is one that you won't want to hide. With a dirty bronze color, this 7oz capacity will hold your drink and add style all in one.

Product Description:

It is the details that matter. Your steampunk outfit may look amazing, but if you are carrying stuff that does not mimic the style, the illusion is shattered. Whereas if everything matches, there is always a subtle recognition of how much effort you have put in.

Which is why if you are a hip flask carrier, and a practitioner of the steampunk arts, then having a steampunk style hip flask is a great idea.

This particular item comes straight from ThinkGeek, a company that has made a made for themselves in selling amazing, high-quality items.

Made out of stainless steel, to ensure that there is no leakage of metal into your drink, this hip flask has a bronze cladded outer coat that fits right at home in the style of many steampunk outfits. Additionally, a bit of loving extra detail in the three bumps on the metal help to give this hip flask the rugged steampunk look.

A leather holster completes the effect. Made out of full grain leather, it is here that there are a few extra steampunk touchings, such as a bronze chain, a compass style dial, and a lovely little button clasps that also allows you to hook this hip flask onto a belt, satchel or bag. The gauge on the front is purely decorative, but the small dial does move a little bit.

This is a perfect gift for either your steampunk loving comrades, or even for yourself. Just make sure to only fill it up with really good drinks that are befitting of this amazing piece of gear.

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