Steampunk Tall Top Hat with Cogs


For the true airship captain, the gentleman of the streets, and those with Victorian leanings. This great steam punk style top hat is a must for those who like a bit of class.

Product Description:

What is the first thing people think of a Victorian man? Chances are, it is the fancy top hats. And when they think of steam punk? It’s either the various brass style decorations, or lavish headgear.

This steampunk top hat is thus then, both the perfect accompaniment for any steampunk outfit, and for any man who wants to look a little bit more gentlemanly.

The steampunk stylings come from the three cogs woven into the top of the had. Three small brass clock cogs give a subtle hint of steampunk that is not overbearing, but is unable to be missed.

On the side is a small bit of almost corset style lacing, to give this steampunk style top hat a little bit of extra something that isn’t just brass. This additional bit of flair helps to give the top hat an amazing amount of presence.

And just before the brim is a lovely little strap with eyelets and a brass claps. At the back is, additionally, a small chain. If a man is made by his accessories, then this is a hat that is built with its.

All of these additional details would be useless if the top hat itself wasn’t of a high quality. Thankfully, this one is. Made out of 100% Australian wool, and with a satin lining for comfort, this isn’t a cheap costume top hat but instead a key accessory. With a crown height of five and three-quarters inches, this is a hat that could have been made as a loving tribute to the old Victorian hatters.

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