Stockings with Corset Style Back


For when you want to have a cheeky little surprise shown to the world when your back is turned. These tall stockings have a wonderful corset style lacing effect on the back.

Product Description:

Plain black stockings and knee high socks are so boring. Sure, a plain black stocking might go with pretty much everything, but where is the excitement? The thrill? How can you show your daring and adventurous side with them?

Enter this pair of stockings from the Malloom company.

Also these stockings are opaque on the front, they offer a little bit of an extra surprise at the back, with a wonderfully done corset style lacing effect.

Sensibly, this corset effect doesn’t go all the way down, stopping just before it gets to the lower thigh. This adds an extra dash of sexiness to these gothic stockings. By showing off just a little bit of the skin, and not all of it, you create a very tantalizing effect. This also ensures that the stockings don’t start to fall apart at the lower thigh, giving you extra stability. Additionally, by having a small opaque section, the corset portion of these stockings are framed and highlighted.

Additionally, these stockings feature a very slight and small lace style effect around the corset stitching hole. This gives another great little framing effect, that helps to ensure that these stockings are impactful.

Of course, all of this detail is wrapped up in a pretty little bow. Literally. The top of these gothic stockings feature your standard style corset bow at the top, completing the corset look.

Of course, this is a perfect pair of stockings to wear with a gothic corset, giving you double of the effect of sheer femininity and sexiness. They also pair really well with a short gothic skirt, hotpants, or well, pretty much anything you can wear and show your legs off in.

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