Vegan Leather Black Combat Boots


The crowning touch of any outfit are the boots that are put on. These Black Combat Style boots are made out of Vegan Leather, and come complete with a range of different metal accessories for the true marching goth look.

Product Description:

Everyone should have a pair of combat style boots within their wardrobe. They can go with so many outfits, and aren’t just useful for gothic nightclub events. A pair of decent boots can go with virtually any

But of course, you are likely to want something that still has a little bit of an extra touch with looking unique. Thats why this pair of combat boots from the Demonia company are so great.

For a start, they are made out of black vegan leather. As well as being enduring, long-lasting, and looking just like the real thing, they are free of animal cruelty. Because being able to stomp and dance through the life doesn’t have to mean treading on the corpses of animals.

Secondly, they contain a wide range of extra details, which make these particular mens combat boots at home at the bottom of any gothic outfit. At the top is a belt buckle, also allowing you to adjust the top of the boot as is needed. To add with fit, there is also a ten eyelit lace up action at the very front of the boot. This ability to adjust as needed, however, doesn’t come with the price of making the boots uncomfortable to put on and off though, as these boots also have a full side zipper.

And of course, what would a gothic accessory be without some chains? These boots feature a back arrangement of rowed chains, giving them a very satisfying sound when you are walking around in them.

These boot also have a one inch heel, giving you just a little bit of an extra boost in your height without it looking garish.

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