Velvet Victorian Gothic Jacket – Lace Details


Go back in time to the period of magic, wonder, and elegance with this amazingly detailed Punk Rave Black Jacket from the Pretty Attitude company. With a button enclosure to treasure.

Product Description:

Take you attention away for a moment from the amazing elegance of the material, the lace, and the styling of the jacket, and focus your attention on the buttons for just a moment.

Against the sheer black of this gothic Victorian jacket, they are already plenty noticeable and fitting. But when you examine them a little bit more, you see how ornate they are. Making use of a clasping effect to keep the jacket together, they have been molded almost in the style of the French Fleur-De-Lis. The sun-kissed silver of them create a lasting impression.

Following on from this, you should now take a bit of time to look over the details of the velvet that have been used to make up this jacket. A very slight, slower effect has been used, creating a print of Victorian style that is unsurpassed by other jackets which would just make do with plain black velvet and call it a day.

The jacket has been trimmed from the neckline, down to the v-neck, with a row of black ribbon that frames the chest area. It is ideal to wear a dangling necklace chain to be framed alongside this jacket.

Then we get to the amazing effect of the bottom of the jacket, where a lace frill has been used. Against the opaqueness of the velvet, this creates a wonderful, almost mysterious effect.

And lastly come the sleeves. With a curved opening initially, this would already be amazing enough, but then comes a lovely ling, dripping bit of lace that will ensure that your hands move around in elegance. Which you might need them to as you batter away all of the paramours and admirers that will come to you while you are wearing this Gothic Victorian jacket.

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